St. Mary's College of Maryland Web Calendar


Welcome to EMS (Event Management System), St. Mary's College of Maryland's online calendar and space request system. For a quick introduction to the EMS, please read our instructions.  You can use EMS to see events happening on campus and to request spaces and events.

Finding Spaces and Events
You can return to the public web calendar by clicking on 'Browse Events' in the upper left.  It can be displayed as either a calendar (monthly or weekly) or as a list of events (monthly, weekly, or daily).  You may also filter out events on the calendar by
or building.

There are two tools that can be used to search for available spaces.  When searching, please note that other events on campus may compete with your event for resources and audience. 

  • Browse for Space - Under 'Browse', click on 'Browse for Space'.  Select a date and a building and click 'Search'.  It will display all rooms within the building, with the shaded areas representing existing bookings. 
  • Master Calendar - This is a version of our web calendar that includes all confirmed events on campus, including those that do not appear on the public calendar. 

Requesting a Space or Event
You can request spaces or events through our Room Request form.  The form allows you to select date, time, location, and event type for your event.  After that, you can request any additional resources (Maintenance, Food Service, Media Services) needed for your event.  Those resources should be requested when you request the space.  Simply reserving a space does not guarantee that the resources needed for your event will be there.  Even if all the details of your event are not set, an estimate of your service needs is far more helpful than not requesting those needs at all.  These estimates can be adjusted as the time of the event grows closer.